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Zastava M85

Zastava M85

Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Yugoslavia
Production history
Manufacturer Zastava Arms
Weight 3.5 kg (7.72 lb)
Length 800mm with folding stock

540mm without folding stock

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas-actuated (rotating bolt)
Rate of fire Semi-automatic, fully automatic
Muzzle velocity 700 m / s
Effective range 150 m
Feed system 20 rounds
Sights Adjustable iron sights, optional mount required for optical sights

The Zastava M85 is a 5.56 mm assault rifle designed and produced by Zastava Arms.



The Zastava M85 is chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO round. It is gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, with selective fire capability. The M85 can be told apart from other AKS-74U types by its wooden forend stock, which has three vent slots instead of two.


Design and featuresEdit

  • M85 has an Under folding metal stock like the AKMS rather than the side-folding metal frame stock of the AKS-74U.