The TKB-059 was a Soviet three-barrel bullpup assault rifle, capable of fully automatic fire, chambered for the 7.62x39mm round and manufactured by the Tula State Arsenal in 1966. It was based on the Pribor ZB assault rifle. Both weapons were developed by the small arms designer G.A. Korobov.

The weapons used a tripled 7.62x39mm magazine with a capacity of 90 rounds, with each barrel independently fed from the magazine. The intent was to create a weapon with an increased hitting probability and stopping power. As a project, it was developed to counter the American weapon project SALVO. It was then discontinued and was classified as an experimental weapon.

TKB-059 can provide capabilities of high rates of fire by firing intermediate caliber rifle rounds in salvos suitable enough for a soldoer to handle the recoil force during full automatic fire without harsh recoil. It can be fired ambidextriously as the cartrdige ejection is downwards behind the magazine area.

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