Shatalovo (also given as Pochinok, Satalovo, and Shatoalovo) is an air base in Smolensk Oblast, Russia located 8 km south of Pochinok. It is a large hardened air base with pads for 19 bombers and 15 fighters in addition to a small amount of tarmac space. It is a nuclear bomber base according to a Natural Resources Defense Council study.

Shatalovo was home to 164 ORAP (164th Independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment) flying MiG-25 and Su-24 aircraft and 47 Gv ORAP (47th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment) flying MiG-25RB aircraft [1]. It was also used by 1046 TsBP i PLS (1046th Aircrew Combat Training and Retraining Centre) flying 17 MiG-25, 14 Su-17C, and 13 Su-24 aircraft in 1991 [2].

In World War II, the German Luftwaffe maintained two airfields at Shatalovo, "Shatalovka-East" (at 54°22'10"N, 32°32'10"E) and "Shatalovka-West" (54°20'20"N, 32°28'30"E).