SV-98 rifle with a 1P69 3-10x42 telescopic sight and attached carrying handle, bipod, anti-mirage strap and suppressor.

The SV-98 is a Russian bolt action sniper rifle designed by Vladimir Stronskiy.

Design DetailsEdit

The SV-98 sniper rifle is based on the Record 300m full bore sport shooting rifle series also made by Izhmash. According to the manufacturer, the SV-98 sniper rifle is designed to engage various targets at a range up to 1000 m.

The heart of the SV-98 is a cold-hammer forged receiver and a cold-hammer forged free-floating heavy barrel which can be chrome-lined to order. The manually operated bolt action has a rotating bolt with tree symmetrically-spaced frontal lugs. The barrel had 4 grooves right hand rifling and a 320mm twist rate and features a threaded muzzle which can accept the standard privide conical birdcage-pattern muzzle brake or a specially designed 23db suppressor that requires the use of subsonic ammunition.

The SV-98 is equipped with iron sights and a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver that can be used to mount Russian and foreign made telescopic sights and other aiming optics with an appropriate rail interface system. According to several internet sources a standard telescopic sight used on this rifle is the Russian made PKS-07 7x fixed magnification scope. The manufacturer however, states that the 1P69 3-10x42 variable magnification telescopic sight with a sighting range of up to 1,000 m is used as a standard optical sight.

The ambidextrous laminated plywood stock feature and adjustabel butt plate that can be regulated for length of pull and height and a height adjustable cheeck comb. The front of the stock is prepared for an integral folding bipod and the rear is prepared for mounting an integral rear monopod. The length of both bipod legs is independently adjustable and the rear monopod folds into the stock. A carrying handle can be attached to the stock in order to prevent the operator from grasping the rifle by its aiming optics during quick position shifts or on the march.

The trigger mechanism displays an adjustable trigger pull weight of 1.0 to 1.5 kg. The safety lever is located behind the bolt handle and the safety locks the trigger, immobilizes the sear, and prevents the rotary bolt from turning.

The detatchable nox magazine is made out of plastic and holds 10 rounds. To reduce recoil, jump, flash and sound signature, the SV-98 can be supplied with a tactical suppressor. An anti-mirage strap can be fixed between the front and rear sights.

Internet sources report differing information regarding the attainable accuracy of fire, though the quality of the ammunition used is often mentioned as a very important factor in obtaining good accuracy.


The SV-98 is mainly used by Russian law enforcement and some counter-terrorist forces.

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