The KSVK 12.7 is a large caliber anti-material sniper rifle developed in Russia for the purpose of counter sniping and penetrating thick walls, as well as light armored vehicles.


The KSVK anti-material (or large caliber sniper) rifle was developed in the late 1990s by ZID plant, based in Kovrov, Russia. It is based on the SVN-98 12.7mm experimental rifle. Initially known as ASVK, KSVK is currently used in small numbers by various Russian Special Operation units in Chechnya as a counter-sinper rifle, capable of penetrating a brick or thick wooden walls and disabling people behind them.


KSVK is a bullpup-configured, bolt-operated, magazine fed rifle. It is equipped with a massive muzzle device which acts as an effective muzzle brake and a sound dampener. KSVK is equipped with standard Russian side-mounted scope rails (dovetail), and can be fitted with a variety of day and night scopes. Open iron sights are installed for backup or emergency purposes.

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