The G5 carbine is a Georgian military firearm which is an analogue to the German HK416 carbine. It has been developed in 2012 by the Georgian military Scientific-Technical Center "Delta" in order to construct an alternative to the M4A1 carbine, that will equip both the Georgian Armed Forces and the country's reserve forces. The G-5 comes with modified attachment kits and optics as standard.


According to TAM, the G5 looks almost the same as the M4 but differs completely in terms of firing mechanism and durability. The interior is much different as it uses a short-stroke piston gas operated system in combination with improved back components. Usual problematic issues like jamming or overheating have been overcome so that the overall reliability is improved. Furthermore, the developer states that during tests the carbine showed slightly better precision than the original M4. These changes made are necessary to develop new iron sights, optics and other parts which would not apply to the M4.

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