Desert night camouflage

Desert Night Camouflage pattern

The Desert Night Camouflage pattern is a two-color grid camouflage pattern used by the US military during the Gulf War.  It was designed to aid soldiers in concealment from older generation enemy night vision devices.  The pattern is now considered obsolete due to the increase in capability of foreign night vision devices.

During the First Gulf War, clothing sets in this pattern were issued to US troops as an over-jacket (with a removeable insulating liner) and over-pants, both technology designed to be worn over the issude six-color Desert Battle Dress Uniform during nighttime operations.

No night-specific pattern has been created to replace this gear for nighttime use in a desert environment, as advancements in infared reflectance technology in first the Desert Camouflage Uniform, and finally the Army Combat Uniform have eliminated the need for separate nighttime overgarments.

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