300px-Daewoo K7 SMG at Defense Asia 2006 0

Daewoo Precision Industries K7 on display

The Daewoo Precision Industries K7 was announced in 2003 as a 9 mm suppressed submachine gun (with permanent suppressor) for use with the South-Korean special forces. It is based on the K1A infantry rifle, from which the receiver and telescopic buttstock was copied. It was first displayed in the United Arab Emirates at the IDEX (International Defence Exhibition) 2003 convention.

The K7 is under manufacture by S&T Daewoo.


As the K7 uses a subsonic 9 mm cartridge, there is little need for the weapon to use the direct gas impingement system of the K1A. Instead, the K7 utilizes a simple blow-back system. A 30-round vertical box magazine is used and it can use 30-round magazines taken from IMI Uzis or 32-round magazine from Beretta Model 12s. As the original K1A magazine well was retained, there are internal accommodations for the smaller 9 mm magazine. There are 3 firing modes, single shot, a 3-round burst and fully automatic. However, using fully automatic fire will quickly damage the baffles in the suppressor. As a result of the light bolt, a cyclic rate of fire of 1150 rounds per minute is achieved.

The K7's upper receiver is based from a K2, albeit modified. The hammer/fire control unit and telescopic stock is based from the K1.


The suppressor reduces the gas pressure, and the already low velocity of the subsonic cartridge reduces the firing signature significantly. Also, the suppressor distorts the sound so that it is barely recognisable as a gunshot. But just as important, the suppressor contains the entire muzzle flash so that the firer's position is hard to detect, even at night. The noise caused by a K7 is 120 decibels.

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