Buturlinovka is an air base in Russia located 4 km south of the town of Buturlinovka. There are two small alert pads at either end of runway for 10 fighters. It has probably been adapted for civilian use.

Units stationed at Buturlinovka include 186 ISHAP (186th Instructional Shturmovik Aviation Regiment) flying 45 Su-25 jet aircraft during the early 1990s. More recently it was home to the 899 'Orsha' Guards ShAP of the 16th Air Army, flying Su-25s, but that unit disbanded on 1 December 2009, after which the airbase was left vacant.

During 2011 the MiG-29s from Kursk were temporarily based here for a period of circa one year, due to runway repairs at Kursk.

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